I think so.

Here’s why:


1. Must follow strict standards – grown, processed, and handled according to strict procedures – at the highest level means it contains no chemicals or toxins. (Likely best for our long term health.)

2. Free of genetic modification – Organics cannot be grown using genetically engineered seeds.

3. Better for the soil and water supply.  Because grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, free from leaking into our water supplies.

4. Fresher and tastes better.  Because free of preservatives, has short shelf life = fresher.  Also beneficial to your local community as most are likely produced close to home.

5. Safer and more humane animal products.  Organically raised animals are not fed byproducts, or given antibiotics and growth hormones.  And to better their health, are given more room to move as well as access to a natural outside environment.  Crowded living conditions are the leading cause of animal sickness and suffering.

– Brad

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