The Race Built to Kick Your Ass!

On Saturday, May 11th Brad Kolowich Jr, his team of personal trainers, and many clients loaded up the vans, cars, and SUV’s to make a road trip to the best mud obstacle race around. The Savage Race’s mission is to produce something bigger than a race itself. Upon pulling up to the immaculate fielded area and seeing this 6 mile course, with 25 insane obstacles dispersed amongst the terrain, we knew they successfully accomplished their mission. As stated on the Savage Race website, participating means you are putting the rest of your life on hold while pushing your limits to dominate their mud obstacle course. Again, mission accomplished! From the start line energy to the first obstacle (train cars filled with ice water) to the muddy low crawling finish under barb wire, this race will not be something any one of us will soon forget. At the conclusion of the race, we gathered in a field and shared good food, drinks and laughter about all the trials we just recently endured. The Savage Race “High” still lingers in our gym atmosphere this week as we reminisce and share our experience with those who were too timid to wrestle these obstacles.

Team “Live Life Fit or just get muddy and drink”, stuck together through the end and completed the race. The comradery and memories we gained as a studio are immeasurable.  We look forward to working together many more times in the future to accomplish goals and mark things off of our bucket lists!

Pictured below are the “Life Life Fit” team members. Congrats to all our participants and race finishers!

Atlanta Personal Trainers run Savage Race 2013

– Written by Mandy, ISSA-CFT, SFN

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