Personal Training.

I believe that through a well designed strength plan, cardiovascular plan, sound nutritional guidance, discipline and consistency, you’ll be capable of achieving just about anything you truly put your mind to – it can be done!

– Brad Kolowich Jr, Atlanta personal trainer and Lake Oconee personal trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist

After Brad and his team of certified personal trainers in Atlanta and Lake Oconee perform an initial assessment to determine your individual goals and current fitness level, they will create a fun and highly effective fitness program that is tailored to fit your specific requirements in order to reach your fitness goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. While it may be necessary for some men or women to perform multiple personal training sessions weekly, others may find that their needs only require bi-weekly or monthly fitness program follow-ups. Soon after you begin working with Brad and his Atlanta personal training team and Lake Oconee personal training team, you should begin to see improvements in your strength, endurance, body composition, and overall appearance.