client of the month weight loss transformations

Stephanie Aaron
June 2016

Stephanie has come such a long way in her time training at our studio. First thing you’ll notice about Stephanie is that she always walks in with a smile one her face and brings positive energy to each training session. Not only does she do a great job in the studio, but she also does a great job with her nutrition and workouts outside of the studio. Stephanie’s dedication to her workouts and nutrition has resulted in a total loss of 32 inches and her strength has gone through the roof! In a short four week period she increased her 1-rep max on bench, squat, deadlift, and push press by 10-35lbs. resulting in numbers of 110, 170, 150, and 75 respectively (who’s says ladies can’t lift heavy?!). She’s also been a great influence on her friends and getting them involved in exercise as well! Thank you for your motivation, encouragement and inspiration to others! Congratulations Stephanie on the progress thus far, keep it up!

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