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April 2016

We are proud to introduce you to our April 2016 client of the month, Beth Wellesley! Beth, 33, has been on a path to success since the day she walked in for her first session over 3 years ago.  When Beth first came to Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio she was preparing for her upcoming wedding. Since her June 2013 nuptials, Beth has continued to commit to two workouts a week AND (other than travel) she has yet to miss a single workout! Beth has sustained a healthy lean physique through regular strength training, walking, yoga and having a positive ‘can-do’ attitude!

Late last summer Beth announced she and her husband would be expecting their first child in May 2016.  At 35 weeks pregnant, Beth has continued to work full time and sustain her regular training schedule. Though step-ups, push-ups and bench dips might not feel as easy as they did nine months ago, you won’t hear Beth complain but rather you’ll see her smiling through the task at hand.  Her optimistic disposition and dedication to she and her growing baby’s health is nothing short of exceptionally inspiring! Thank you Beth for being a source of motivation and inspiration for us all! Congrats on your growing family and best wishes as you round the corner to the final weeks of your pregnancy!

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