Marc Hodulich

August 2015

We’d like to introduce you to the August client of the month, Marc Hodulich. Marc, or “shredder”, came to us as a client almost 2 years ago with the desire to maintain a good physique and to put on some muscle. Over time he has worked hard and added some good size. Marc was a collegiate athlete at Auburn University, so he knows the meaning of hard work, dedication and having what it takes to achieve his goals. He has recently set a goal of getting in the best shape of his life and leaning out. He has shredded up all the while running a few businesses and spending time with his two boys, Chase and Dillon, and his wife Stacey. His commitment to the program, both diet and exercise, is incredible. He recently took the family out for pizza and he packed a protein shake because he knew pizza, although delicious, wasn’t part of the diet that day. We’re proud of you big guy. Keep up the hard work and keep grinding.

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