Josh Berman

July 2015 Client of the Month

Josh Berman, former Kona Iron Man Triathlete, has been a client of Brad’s since January of 2012. Brad and Josh have worked through a variety of different fitness goals throughout the course of their training including muscle gain, prep for various endurance events, and most recently body fat loss.  Months ago, Josh set a goal of a consistent 1 lb of weight loss per week.  Since then, Josh has not missed a beat as his body fat continues to drop consistently on a weekly basis.  In addition, Josh continues to give it his all in his one-on-one sessions and with that is seeing excellent muscular symmetry and development.  In addition to he and Brad’s one-on-one training sessions, Josh follows a consistent running schedule in prep for various events throughout the year.  Congrats Josh, our July 2015 Client of the Month!

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