Kristie Wilson


September 2015

We’re ecstatic to introduce you to our September Client of the Month, Kristie Wilson! Kristie has been on a quest to improve her body composition since her first visit to our studio in April 2015. In just five short months, she has accomplished her original goal of 30 pounds lost, and has no plans of stopping there! Kristie and her fiancé Ryan (who is giving Kristie a run for her money with his impressive transformation as well) will be walking down the aisle in March 2016! Between now and then, Kristie plans on continuing to lose body fat, build muscle, and put an even greater focus on developing her metabolism.

We love seeing people learn how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle at such a young age, and are even more thrilled to see it work its magic on such a kind, hard-working, and all-around wonderful client! Kristie, your transformation is inspiring beyond words – you truly are an exemplary model of how to LiveLifeFit!

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