Saturdays 10:30am Core Class

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Saturday, January 19th, Brad Kolowich Jr hosted his second core focused class of the new year. The turn out was great and the workout was even better. Upon entering the class, the energy in his private personal training studio was already great. People were hanging out, talking and enjoying connecting while sipping on some hot coffee. The mats, medicine balls and all necessary equipment was lined up and ready for us to get to work. Before beginning the class, the lights were turned down low and the music went up. A video image of the instructors was projected up on the flat screen above making it easy to see what was going on at all times, even from the lying position you tend to be in while focusing on working on your core. Brad coached us through a 30-minute intense workout that not only focused on shaping our midsections, but also include active rest exercises that worked the entire body from head to toe. By the end of the class my heart was pumping, my muscles felt a good burn, and I was sweating from head to toe.

However that wasn’t all…at the conclusion of the class we were “refilled” with samples of the studio’s in-house protein shakes, coffee/tea, and a packet of information that further coached us on what we can do outside of class to continue to shape our core. Blake B. (a regular attendee this past fall and currently) describes the class as, “Different every time, except for the burn. Work as little or as hard as you want, but beware with Brad’s encouragement you will do more that you thought. You will see results after just a few times.” Bettina J., also a regular attendee this fall and currently (seen pictured), dropped several inches in her waist which she attributes to dedication to attending Brad’s Kolowich Jr’s personal training studio’s core class and adhering to his team’s nutritional advice.

Core class takes place each Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m and is only $15 a session. Please email us if you are interested at OR stop in and check it out!


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