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Atlanta Personal Trainer Helps Clients Reach Weight Loss Goals

A Personal Trainer may be just what you need to help you reach your New Year Resolutions!

At times, we all need a little help with exercise. Whether you are just starting out, have been at it for a long time, have reached a plateau, are training for a specific sporting event, need motivation, need to be held accountable, bored with your routine, need to be challenged, set a new year’s resolution, set a new fitness or health goals, or maybe need to workout at home between your busy schedule, an Atlanta personal trainer from Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio could be the answer to reaching your fitness goals. With the help of a personal trainer from Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio you will find it easier to continue to strive to reach fitness goals your never imagined possible. Nationally certified personal trainer Brad Kolowich Jr. or a nationally certified trainer of his staff will create an individualized program to help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, tone up, gain strength or just hold you accountable to your workout. Whether you are deep into your exercise journey or just beginning, an Atlanta personal trainer may be just what you need to take it to the next level.

Need help with how to start a new fitness program to meet your New Year Resolutions?

Nationally certified personal trainer’s from Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio in Atlanta have an expertise knowledge base of generating complete exercise programs that include all the activities you need to reach your fitness goals. Brad and his team of the best Atlanta personal trainers have worked with many clients incorporating cardio, weight training, strength training, sports specific drills, flexibility and cross fit activities into their program design to keep your muscles confused and changing body always guessing what is coming next. The personal trainers from Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio will help you choose exercises, weights, and reps and set, setting your mind free to enjoy a workout. This is where a personal trainer may be the biggest help when beginning a new fitness program. Brad or a member of his personal training team can help your maximize your workout time, push you to your maximal limit yet helping you to stay within your limits to prevent injury and overuse. This extra push and consistent variation from a personal trainer will help you reach your goals quickly and in no time you will be losing weight, gaining lean muscle, toning up, gaining strength and looking and feeling better than ever before.

Nick Theos has been training with Brad for almost two years.  Recently, Nick and his family struggled with some physically and emotionally trying times while his sister battled cancer and they unexpectantly lost his father which naturally through Nick’s schedule and typical lifestyle out of wack.  However, Nick used these difficult times as motivation to rededicate himself to his workouts in the gym.  With Brad’s guidance in nutritional strategies and Nick’s commitment to three workouts a week with Brad and additional regular cardio, calf and core sessions on his own, Nick has lost nine pounds this winter and continues to see weight coming off while adding muscle (even through the holidays).

Personal Trainers in Atlanta Brad Kolowich Jr

Written By Atlanta Personal Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition- Mandy Malool

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Brad Kolowich Jr’s Atlanta Personal Trainers Treat Clients to Guilt Free Pancakes

The Fit Persons’ Comfort Food

Top Trainers in Atlanta Gift clients with Healthy protein pancakes

At the Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio in Atlanta, our personal trainers encourage and motivate all of our clients to follow a sound nutrition program that helps them to get the most “bang for their buck” in personal training results. We hold high regards to the fact that your must put in 100% in the gym and 100% into your nutrition plan. With slack in one area or the other you will never see your full fitness and health potential.

However, even as personal trainers, we too have cravings, desires and the need to have some traditional comfort foods (especially this time of year as the weather cools, family gathers and we are allotted a couple of mornings off to lie around in pajamas a little longer than normal). A Saturday morning favorite of mine growing up was indulging in a stack of warm fluffy pancakes! The typical boxed pancake mix is loaded with highly processed flours, sugar, sodium, and even hydrogenated oils (a.k.a. Trans fats). All of these ingredients add up to a whole lot of empty calories. So, this Christmas, in lieu of Christmas breakfast casseroles and stacks of boxed pancakes, we are encouraging our clients to try ramping up the nutritional content of their lazy morning breakfast and try our healthy alternative to traditional pancakes!

This jar contains all the makings you need to create a delicious, mouth watering batch of protein packed pancakes. This pancake combo is gluten-free, high in fiber, sugar free, and guaranteed to fuel your body for all your busy holiday festivities ahead. Each jar contains 1 cup of rolled oat flour, 1 scoop of all natural vanilla whey protein, 1 tsp baking powder, and 1/8 cup of carob chips. All you do is pour the contents of the jar into a bowl, add three egg whites, 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk and ½ of a smashed banana (optional). Pour the batter over a medium heated skillet and cook until brown on each side. We’ve attached all natural maple almond nut butter as a special topping for our clients. For other toppings try:

1 tbsp peanut butter + ½ sliced banana
½ chopped apple + 2 tbsp sugar free syrup
¼ cup unsweetened shredded coconut + 2 tsp honey
¼ cup berries + ¼ nonfat Greek yogurt
1 poached egg + ¼ avocado

Get creative with various combos! The nutrient and flavor combinations are endless!

Written by,
Mandy Malool, ISSA-CFT, SFN

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Atlanta Personal Trainers Use Carb Cycling to Help Clients Reach Fat Loss Goals

Atlanta Personal Trainer, Andy Keller, Helps Client Drop 5% Body Fat

atlanta personal training using carb cycling for fat loss and muscle growth

Dale, 48, began working with nationally certified personal trainer Andy in January of 2012. He currently maintains a strict training schedule at Brad Kolowich Jr Atlanta personal training studio getting workouts in with Andy 5 days a week while staying dedicated to his cardio sessions post-workout and on his off days. Since beginning personal training with Andy, Dale has lost a total of 5% body fat, and with a focus of building muscle mass put on 3 inches in his chest, and 2 inches in his arms and legs. In October, Dale, with Andy’s great coaching, decided to take on the ultimate challenge of carb cycling to help reach his fitness goals.

Carb cycling is a strategy in which you (as the term insinuates) vary the amounts of carbohydrates you intake on a day to day basis, which doesn’t allow the body to find homeostasis. This strategy can be used to obtain various results such as for muscle gain or rapid fat loss. Reducing calories and carbohydrates can cause the dieter to experience low energy, decrease in metabolic rate, thyroid hormone output, and reproductive hormone output and more. In other words, following a low carb, low calorie diet for too long means the fat loss will reach a plateau. So, you can trick the body by giving it higher calorie, higher carbohydrate intakes frequently enough so that is won’t ever get too close to starvation mode, but infrequently enough so that fat loss (and muscle growth) can continue on. This is the strategy Andy used to coach Dale to lose 2 ½ inches in his waist in one month. While loosing inches in his waist, Dale also lost overall body weight and gained muscle mass and overall strength. Dale is proof that with dedication to your workouts in and out of training sessions, trusting and abiding by the strategies your trainer is helping you too implement, and by being consistent with a nutritional and training program you can quickly reach fitness goals you never imagined possible. Congrats Dale AND Andy!

Brad Kolowich Jr’s Atlanta Personal Training Studio Adds New Equipment

Santa Came Early to Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio

Brad Kolowich Jr. personal training studio we continually try to improve and add to the variety of equipment we have in our luxury loft studio space. This holiday season, we will be adding several new pieces of equipment. The first of our new additions is a smaller investment but great tool we will utilize in a variety of ways, plyo boxes. Plyo boxes are a versatile pieces of equipment, but are probably most widely known for jumping on and off of them. Jumping on and off of the boxes is one of the best plyometric exercises for building leg strength, power, speed and cardiovascular endurance. Plyo boxes will not only help you to build strength, power and speed but can facilitate weight loss, tone and define your muscles. Plyometric boxes are a high intensity exercise due to the amount of energy required in jumping on and off of these boxes. Your heart rate will drastically elevate when performing exercises on the boxes, which will aid in helping you to significantly increase your calorie burn which in return will keep your body burning fat and build lean muscle long after your finish the exercise intervals. Though we are not a crossfit gym, our top Atlanta Personal Trainers implement many crossfit style exercises into individually designed fitness programs that help our clients reach their desired fitness goals. Plyo boxes have become more widely known in recent times due to their abundant use in the crossfit style workouts.

At Brad Kolowich Jr. personal training studio, we have plyo boxes that range in size from 12 inches to 30 inches. Josh B. a.k.a “Iron Man” (pictured) was our first client to successfully clear the tallest of the plyo boxes. Like any form of exercises or exercise equipment, we start at our clients ability on the plyo boxes, generally beginning with light exercise and low volume and gradually increase as your strength increases.

– Mandy

Brad Kolowich Jr’s Atlanta Personal Training Studio Prepares for the Holidays

Brad Kolowich Jr’ Personal Training Studio Helps You Ward Off Holiday Stress

All the hustle and bustle (parties, shopping, baking, cleaning, entertaining, and work…just to name a few) can tend to strip your holiday joy, leaving your feeling like the Grinch. At Brad Kolowich Jr. personal training studio, we have added some holiday flare to our 3000 square foot luxury loft space to help you look forward to the holiday workouts and take steps to help you prevent holiday stress. Upon entering our private studio space, you will be welcomed by a beautifully lit Christmas Tree and possibly “Studio Security”, Rocky (a.k.a Rudolph) the Red Nosed Reindog.


If a grand welcome doesn’t kick the grouchiness out of you, try a “Grinch Pill”, guaranteed to get you laughing and prepared for a workout that will knock the “Grinch” right out of you! Alyssa (pictured pushing the sled) started her day off right with a 6:30 am workout. With a positive attitude and a smile of her face, Alyssa was pushing the potential holiday ba-hum-bugs away before they could creep in. One of the best ways to overcome stress, or help ward it off is to exercise. Exercise has been proven to reduce anger, tension, fatigue and confusion…all common side effects of the holidays. According to Psychology Today, rigorous physical activity of any kind pumps up the endorphins  your body’s feel good neurotransmitters.

Tis’ this season for giving right?? That can add another stress factor to your life. The pressure to purchase the perfect gift and get all your shopping done amongst the busyness of the traffic and holiday shopping crowds is a long list of stressors we can help you eliminate. We are offering a special incentive this holiday season to our clients and their family and friends. There is no better gift to give that the gift of fitness or a healthier lifestyle. In knowing your loved ones are near and dear to you, our personal trainers want to help your loved ones kick their New Year off in style and help them achieve the body, health and fitness goals of their dreams. If you purchase a gift certificate for a loved one, you too will receive benefits such as a free in-house protein bar, protein shake or even a free session on your next month’ package. Therefore, forego the mall and get your endorphins running in your workout and shop while you’re here!

With a solid workout, a Grinch pill, a little humor and laughing, a dog dressed as a reindeer, and holiday shopping you will find peace and joy during this holiday season at the top Atlanta Personal Training Studio.

-Written by Atlanta Personal Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, Mandy Malool


Atlanta Personal Trainers, Brad Kolowich Jr. & Mandy Malool, Create a New Way to Motivate Clients

Would being on a Leader Board change the way you workout?

What if you could see your level of fitness performance relative to your fellow gym goers everyday? Would this motivate you to push yourself to new levels of fitness? At Brad Kolowich Personal Training Studio we have modified and implemented an age-old sporting event staple into the gym, our very own version of a Leader Board. Our leader board has not only motivated and pushed clients to achieve more physically but also developed a heightened positive energy in the gym environment, dedication to workouts, and most importantly a sense of community amongst our clients. The leader board features various fitness test which highlight strength, power, and endurance.

Our current leaders age range from 27 to 59 years old. There are separate categories for male, female and overall leaders. Each fitness test is administered by a personal trainer and has objective rules for execution. Tests like the V-max, half sit-up, bench squat, and plank are timed test. Other such as the push-ups, deadlift, pull-ups, 95 lbs. squat and dips are measured until failure. We regularly evaluate each client using this set standard of fitness tests as well as doing body measurements, not only to give them a chance at getting on or bettering their score on the leader board, but as a tool for us to constantly evaluate how to continue to help push them to their ultimate level of fitness.

Pictured below is Robert, 29, from Norcross, Ga. Robert is a husband, business owner, and father of two young children, yet Robert still makes it a priority to get 5 training sessions a week in with Brad. He is the current dead lift record holder at Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio. Brad specially designed a personalized mass building program for Robert which he routinely stuck to in and out of the gym. In 12 weeks, Robert added inches of muscle to his chest, biceps, legs and shoulders as well as a 100 lbs. increase in  both his deadlift and squat.

Atlanta Personal Trainers Offer The Best In-House Protein Shakes

The Best In-House Protein Shakes

Unlike any other Atlanta personal training studio, Brad Kolowich Jr’s studio offers in-house protein shake specials that change bi-weekly.  This week we are featuring two seasonally inspired shakes to kick start the holiday season, the Frozen Hot Chocolate Shake and the Candy Cane Shake (pictured above is the Frozen Hot Chocolate Shake).  For chocolate lovers, this shake will satisfy your sweet tooth yet keep your waist line slim.  This protein shake can be made with Whey or Vegan based protein powders, either way we strongly suggest our clients (weather they get an in-house shake or eat at home) get some source of protein in their systems no more than 30-45 minutes post workout.  As great as the training programs are that are provided by our Atlanta personal trainers, you will only reach your full potential when you put 100% into the workout and nutrition!  Following up your workout with sound nutrition will help you to see the fat loss, muscle growth, strength gains, and overall health results you desire.  Come train here (or just stop in) and we will make sure to not only supply, motivate and inspire you through the top training experience but also provide you with knowledge, support and sound nutritional products that will take you the extra mile!

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1/2 cup cottage cheese

1 scoop vanilla whey protein

1 packet diet (low sugar) hot chocolate

1 tbsp sugar free chocolate pudding (or unsweetened cocoa)


Blend all ingredients in blender and serve icy cold!