Santa Came Early to Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio

Brad Kolowich Jr. personal training studio we continually try to improve and add to the variety of equipment we have in our luxury loft studio space. This holiday season, we will be adding several new pieces of equipment. The first of our new additions is a smaller investment but great tool we will utilize in a variety of ways, plyo boxes. Plyo boxes are a versatile pieces of equipment, but are probably most widely known for jumping on and off of them. Jumping on and off of the boxes is one of the best plyometric exercises for building leg strength, power, speed and cardiovascular endurance. Plyo boxes will not only help you to build strength, power and speed but can facilitate weight loss, tone and define your muscles. Plyometric boxes are a high intensity exercise due to the amount of energy required in jumping on and off of these boxes. Your heart rate will drastically elevate when performing exercises on the boxes, which will aid in helping you to significantly increase your calorie burn which in return will keep your body burning fat and build lean muscle long after your finish the exercise intervals. Though we are not a crossfit gym, our top Atlanta Personal Trainers implement many crossfit style exercises into individually designed fitness programs that help our clients reach their desired fitness goals. Plyo boxes have become more widely known in recent times due to their abundant use in the crossfit style workouts.

At Brad Kolowich Jr. personal training studio, we have plyo boxes that range in size from 12 inches to 30 inches. Josh B. a.k.a “Iron Man” (pictured) was our first client to successfully clear the tallest of the plyo boxes. Like any form of exercises or exercise equipment, we start at our clients ability on the plyo boxes, generally beginning with light exercise and low volume and gradually increase as your strength increases.

– Mandy

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