The Best In-House Protein Shakes

Unlike any other Atlanta personal training studio, Brad Kolowich Jr’s studio offers in-house protein shake specials that change bi-weekly.  This week we are featuring two seasonally inspired shakes to kick start the holiday season, the Frozen Hot Chocolate Shake and the Candy Cane Shake (pictured above is the Frozen Hot Chocolate Shake).  For chocolate lovers, this shake will satisfy your sweet tooth yet keep your waist line slim.  This protein shake can be made with Whey or Vegan based protein powders, either way we strongly suggest our clients (weather they get an in-house shake or eat at home) get some source of protein in their systems no more than 30-45 minutes post workout.  As great as the training programs are that are provided by our Atlanta personal trainers, you will only reach your full potential when you put 100% into the workout and nutrition!  Following up your workout with sound nutrition will help you to see the fat loss, muscle growth, strength gains, and overall health results you desire.  Come train here (or just stop in) and we will make sure to not only supply, motivate and inspire you through the top training experience but also provide you with knowledge, support and sound nutritional products that will take you the extra mile!

Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1/2 cup cottage cheese

1 scoop vanilla whey protein

1 packet diet (low sugar) hot chocolate

1 tbsp sugar free chocolate pudding (or unsweetened cocoa)


Blend all ingredients in blender and serve icy cold!

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