“A more fit humanity just may save us all.
*Image from: Toshiba.com

– We may have stumbled upon the ideal renewable energy source: you. While enormous investments by the U.S. government and private gazillionaires are planting wind farms and funding other climate saving projects, the rest of us can do our part just by getting in the gym and buffing up. Researchers out of London claim that obesity is creating tons of extra greenhouse gases due to the demand of creating all the extra food that fatties are shoving down their throats. Scientists calculate that the lean population of a billion people would create 1,000 million tons less carbon dioxide than a billion obese folks. Yeah, that’s alot! In other words, your body’s either an Escalade or a Prius. So streamline your chassis, and you just may save the planet.”

*Research from: Muscle and Body Magazine – muscle talk news

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