Client of the Month:  Madeleine Conti

Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio

October 2013

     This time of year it is easy to let busy schedules, the cooler weather, sporting events, work commitments and ailing bodies get in the way of their training schedules. The client of the month for October however lets nothing get in the way of making her training a priority. Madeleine Conti, 22, is a Percussion Instructor at Woodward Academy. She also occupies her time as an entrepreneur running her own business of teaching private in-home music lessons. She makes the commute to Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio from Peachtree City and she is preparing for her first NPC Bikini Competition. Though Madeleine only trains with Brad once a week, she gets her daily workouts in on her own and follows a strict diet (prescribed by Brad) catered to helping her reach her specific goals. In September, Madeleine had what could have been a devastating injury, but she was determined to continue to push toward reaching her goals. While rushing into work one morning Madi clumsily made “friends” with a nasty curb. She was diagnosed at Urgent care with swelling of soft tissue in her ankle OR a severely sprained ankle. Most would take some time to let healing occur; however, Madeleine instead texted Brad from the ER with a message informing him of her injury and stating “We may need to shift my focus in my workout from legs tomorrow, but I will see you in the morning.” This is just a little glimpse into the motivation, determination and dedication Madi brings to reaching her fitness goals. Madeleline is the current female record holder in push-ups and dips and holds the overall sit-up and plank record with a 13:32 minute plank! Madi brings a positive attitude and smile to every workout! We thank you Madi for being a inspiration to us and the Brad Kolowich Jr Fitness studio! Congratulations and continue to reach for the stars!


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