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Fit Chow Atlanta healthy all natural meal service

Brad and I are excited to announce we have launched a healthy meal service! We know how challenging it can be to manage jobs, family, chores, working out, appointment, etc. and still manage to cook/eat clean meals. Fit Chow was designed to not only help you balance all of life’s challenges, but will allow you to spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love and less time in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.

Fit Chow provides healthy meals using only the freshest ingredients available. All of our foods are all-natural, never frozen, and are never processed or pre-packaged. You will enjoy freshly made, fully cooked food prepared to absolute perfection. All ingredients have been carefully chosen by Brad and myself (A.C.E. certified personal trainer, longevity specialist, specialist in fitness nutrition) and an award winning executive chef. Each health-conscious menu has been designed and constructed using hormone-free and antibiotic-free poultry, grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish and pesticide free fruits and vegetables. No hydrogenated oils or margarine, MSG, fillers, white flour, white sugar, white salt or non-food ingredients are ever used! The focus of each menu is on quality, variety and health. We strive to take the monotony out of your dietary intake while also allowing you to invest your time into luxuries outside of the kitchen. Yet, rest assure you are eating a wholesome healthy meal that will keep you on track to reaching your health and fitness related goals.

To view our weekly menu and to learn more about Fit Chow Atlanta, go to

Client of the Month

Kat Carney

top personal trainer atlanta

September 2013

Kat Carney, an award-winning broadcast journalist, a former CNN consumer health anchor, spokes person for Nutrisystem, sports broadcaster for “Football Friday” on GPB, and creator of the GPB series, “The Weigh We Were”, has a lot of tasks and events to juggle on her daily calendar. Kat’s struggle with weight began in her youth. She has used her personal story to relate to many worldwide and in doing so has built a reputation for herself as a top health reporter in the broadcasting world. In addition to Kat’s never ending list of daily commitments in her career, Kat gets in five workouts a week with Brad after work and wakes up and gets her high intensity cardio sessions in every morning prior to beginning her busy work day. In the month of August, Kat got in a total of 22 workouts with Brad! In a little less than a month, Kat lost a half inch in her waist, one and one-quarter inches in her hips, a half an inch in each arm and three-quarters of an inch in each leg. While losing body-fat, Kat maintained lean muscle mass and increased her strength. Congrats Kat on all your hard work and accomplishments! Mostly, thank your for sharing your story and being an inspiration for so many who aspire to reach goals similar to yours!

To read a little about Kat’s journey as transcribed in Best-Self Magazine, click on the link below.

-Mandy Malool

Certified Personal Trainer, Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Live Life Fit

Client of the Month

Jamie Harrison

August 2013

extreme weight loss atlanta personal trainers online personal training

A little over a year ago, Brad Kolowich Jr personal training studio began a new tradition to help encourage, motivate and reward client adherence to reaching their fitness goals. Each month, as a team, our personal trainers review client progress, motivation, determination, commitment in order to pick the Client of the Month. As Brad says, “This is not Kindergarten. The person who receives this status has truly earned it and it can be achieved multiple times.” In July 2012, Jamie Harrison became our first ever client of the month. That summer he lost almost 30 pounds. Jamie attends the University of Georgia and throughout the course of his school year he kept in touch with Brad and maintained a strict workout schedule and followed a diet designed for leaning out. This month, August 2013 he becomes the first client ever to receive this status twice! When he returned home from school in June of 2013, Jamie has lost an additional 8 pounds. Beginning in June he worked with Brad on yet another new leaning out lifting program and low-carb/high-protein diet with one high-carb day. In just eight weeks Jamie lost another 32 pounds, while gaining strength and maintaining lean muscle mass. In just one short year, Jamie’s total weight loss was almost 70 pounds. Since beginning training with Brad in 2012 he has lost a total of 11.5 inches in his waist!! Jamie, thank you for your commitment and motivation towards reaching your fitness goals! You are a true inspiration to others and example of what anyone can achieve with determination and trust in the programs designed to help you reach your goals!

The Race Built to Kick Your Ass!

On Saturday, May 11th Brad Kolowich Jr, his team of personal trainers, and many clients loaded up the vans, cars, and SUV’s to make a road trip to the best mud obstacle race around. The Savage Race’s mission is to produce something bigger than a race itself. Upon pulling up to the immaculate fielded area and seeing this 6 mile course, with 25 insane obstacles dispersed amongst the terrain, we knew they successfully accomplished their mission. As stated on the Savage Race website, participating means you are putting the rest of your life on hold while pushing your limits to dominate their mud obstacle course. Again, mission accomplished! From the start line energy to the first obstacle (train cars filled with ice water) to the muddy low crawling finish under barb wire, this race will not be something any one of us will soon forget. At the conclusion of the race, we gathered in a field and shared good food, drinks and laughter about all the trials we just recently endured. The Savage Race “High” still lingers in our gym atmosphere this week as we reminisce and share our experience with those who were too timid to wrestle these obstacles.

Team “Live Life Fit or just get muddy and drink”, stuck together through the end and completed the race. The comradery and memories we gained as a studio are immeasurable.  We look forward to working together many more times in the future to accomplish goals and mark things off of our bucket lists!

Pictured below are the “Life Life Fit” team members. Congrats to all our participants and race finishers!

Atlanta Personal Trainers run Savage Race 2013

– Written by Mandy, ISSA-CFT, SFN

Client of the Month:  Shannon Parkerson

top atlanta personal trainers

May 2013

Shannon Ponsell, became Mrs. Shannon Parkerson April 27th, 2013. Shannon began working with her personal trainer, Andy Keller, in February 2013. Her goals included loosing fat, improved health, increase strength and muscle toning. In three months time, Shannon improved her overall body composition by increasing her muscle tone and losing five pounds of body fat. In addition to this great weight loss, Shannon lost inches all over her body including two and a half inches in her waist and one and a half inches in her legs while gaining strength and endurance. Shannon is continuing to train with Andy three times a week and is not slowing down even though her wedding has past. Thank you Shannon for the positive attitude, hard work, dedication and motivation you exemplify each day you enter the studio. Your dedication to reaching your goals is an inspiration to others! Keep up the hard work!


A Year in Review

atlanta personal training

In April of 2012, a new personal training studio, Brad Kolowich Jr. Fitness, opened its doors. Owner Brad Kolowich Jr. and his personal training team offer one-on-one training, small group training, boot camps, classes and in-home training.

This month, Brad Kolowich is celebrating a year of success in his new private location.  Located off Northside Drive and Howell Mill in the hot new Westside area, the stylish new facility boast the top of the line Hoist equipment, a relaxing wifi area, a variety of  nutritional products and supplements, and many other personal touches that bring this exclusive industrial loft space a feeling of luxury yet the warmth and comforts of  home.  This exclusive private studio setting is currently a non-membership fitness studio, catering to private/group clients only. Brad Kolowich Jr. is a current fitness model/certified personal trainer that specializes in creating the most desired physiques in clients by setting sustainable results through constantly varying fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle guidance techniques.

Kolowich, along with three other trainers, are all former top collegiate athletes and currently certified through the top Nationally Accredited agencies. The team is able to work with clients of all ages and ability levels in the follow areas: body sculpting and toning, fat loss management, muscular growth/strength/endurance and enhancement, core strength, balance and body control, cardiovascular conditioning, sport specific training, injury prevention, flexibility, motivation, and nutritional design. The moto for the studio is “Climb the wall and don’t come down until the good work is through.” – Nehemiah 6:3

The private studio is located at 704 Berkeley Ave. Suite C Atlanta, GA 30318

To watch our year in review click on the link below:


 Client of the Month April 2013:  Robert Manolache

client of the month best atlanta personal trainers

Robert Manolache, 30, his wife Mariya and their two young boys live in Peachtree Corners, Ga. Robert began training with Brad two and a half years ago.  In the summer of 2012, Robert began to follow a periodized mass gaining program.  Through a personalized training program that was broken down into discreet time periods based on Robert’s goals, he was able to put on lean mass in his chest, shoulders, arms and legs.  Not only did Robert gain size but he vastly increased his strength through periods of heavier lifting following by lighter lifting while minimizing fat gains.  Robert is currently the Brad Kolowich jr personal training studio record holder in the 95lbs squat strength test and the maximum deadlift record holder. Robert now commutes 5 days a week to train with Brad.  In December, Robert began a strict leaning out program.  Since beginning, Robert has lost 10 lbs of body fat and 2 inches in his waist, while maintaining size (lean mass) in his biceps, chest and legs.  Robert follows the strict nutritional and supplementation guidelines Brad suggests and due to his consistency has seen amazing results.  Thank you Robert for your motivation and dedication to reaching your fitness goals and for being a inspiration to others who are working towards similar goals!  Congrats Robert!

Brad Kolowich Jr, Clients, Friends and Family are Getting Ready to Get Down and Dirty in the Savage Race


atlanta personal training studio enters savage race


Brad Kolowich Jr personal training studio clients, family and friends are joining together in May to kick butt in the Savage Race. On May 11th, we will load Rocky up and hit the road caravanning to the Best Mud Obstacle Race. Twenty-four of the biggest and badest obstacles will stretch across a 4-6 mile trail in Dallas, Ga…and our team is going to dominate the trail. Just like everything we do here at Brad Kolowich Jr personal training studio, we are going at this as a team. All our trainers, many clients family and friends are taking part in helping to fully prepare our team members for the race of a lifetime.

Josh B. a.k.a “the Iron Man” himself is leading our team up and helping to organize, motivate and encourage involvement from our clientele, friends and family. Mariya M., a client, mother of two and talented stylist is personally designing specialized t-shirts and tanks for our competitors. Brad has designed obstacle specific exercises and all trainers have begun implementing these unique training methods into our client sessions. We are preparing to have physically fit bodies present on the field and ready to dominate on May 11th. Rocky even underwent a physical transformation of his own this week, and he is now ready to get down and dirty in the mud as he coaches us along and cheers us through the finish line.

At the end of the race, we will unite, toast to cold drinks, good food, celebratory music and share in some outdoor relaxing fun. If you’d like to join the “Live Life Fit or just get muddy and drink” team, please go to If you’d like more information on the race visit Don’t wait to register…the prices are going up and it is already 85% full! Secure your spot and we will get you prepared to race!

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What will you treat yourself to this Valentine’s Day?

how many calories in your valentine's day treats

Whether you are single, taken, or somewhere in-between, during this “love filled” season it is likely you have already been bombarded with candy. Red and pink colored candy, chocolates, truffles, cakes, frosted and sugar covered cookies, and chocolate covered strawberries cover the isles in grocery stores. There is no escaping these temptations! Tomorrow from the office candy jars to your desk that is likely to get filled with sweet treats by friends, co-workers and loved ones and your children coming home with boxes filled with sugar, your willpower is going to be tested. So what is the best Valentine Day treat to reach for when you feel your willpower stripping away as your potential stress from the holiday builds up???? Godiva chocolate or five Hershey’s Kisses, which would be the more waistline friendly pick?

Hershey Kisses, according to, will only set you back 112 calories, 6.7 grams of fat, and 12.9 grams of sugar. Godiva, though delicious, are filled with cream and other sugary extras, packing them with twice the amounts of calories, fat and sugar per serving. Your best option is to reach for the dark chocolate, which is packed with antioxidants (just be mindful how many times your hand reaches in the bag or box and don’t plow through the entire collection in one sitting).

At Brad Kolowich Jr’s personal training studio our personal trainers will be gifting our clients with a sensible way to satisfy their chocolate cravings this Valentine season. Pictured above is a special heart-shaped Red Velvet Protein Bar frosted with dark chocolate. The bar contains only 127 calories, 11 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fat, <1 gram of sugar, and 12 grams of protein. Here is how this healthy treat stands up in comparison to some other valentine favorites:

Valentine’s Treat Calories Fat Sugar
Panera Heart Cookie (1 cookie) 420 21 g 27 g
Target Mini Cupcakes (3 cupcakes) 350 17 g 40 g
Krispy Kreme Heart Donut  (1 donut) 300 16 g 19 g
Entenmann’s Golden Cupcake (1 cupcake) 290 14 g 33 g
Little Debbie Be My Valentine Snack Cake (1 cake) 290 13 g 27 g
Hershey’s Marshmallow Heart (1 king-sized heart) 240 7 g 35 g
Frosted Pillsbury Fun-Fetti Cupcake (1 cupcake) 200 5 g 22.5 g
Harry & David Chocolate-Covered Cherries (4 cherries) 190 10 g 13 g
Harry & David Raspberry Shortbread Cookies (2 cookies) 170 9 g 9 g
Nestle Valentine Brownie Bites (3 mini brownies) 170 9 g 18 g
Reese’s Peanut Butter Heart (1 heart) 170 10 g 16 g
Butterfinger Heart (1 heart) 160 8 g 18 g
Jelly Belly Valentine Mix (1.5 oz) 160 3 g 29 g
Chocolate-Covered Strawberry (average) (1 berry) 140 8 g 15 g
M&Ms Valentine’s Fun-Size Pack (1 pouch) 140 5 g 18 g
Snickers Valentine Minis (4 pieces) 130 6 g 15g
Trolli Valentine’s Gummy Candies (13 pieces) 130 0 g 24 g
Pillsbury Valentine Sugar Cookies (2 cookies) 120 6 g 8 g
Target Valentine Fruit Snacks (1 pouch) 80 0 g 14 g
Brach’s Conversation Heart Candies (11 pieces) 60 0 g 14 g


*Chart from

-Written by, Mandy Malool ISSA-CFT, SFN

Brad Kolowich Jr.’s Team of Trainers Just Got Another Trainer Stronger

Personal Training Atlanta personal trainers Jonathan Kolowich

This week, Brad and his Atlanta based personal training team just became another team member stronger.  In January, Jonathan Kolowich, the younger brother of Brad Kolowich Jr received his nationally accreditied fitness training certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (I.S.S.A).  Jonathan brings a depth of knowledge, athleticism, and experience to the team.

Jonathan grew up in the Atlanta area where he starred as a high school baseball player at Blessed Trinity Catholic School. Jonathan is a recent graduate of Georgia State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Managerial Science. He was on the Dean’s List throughout his collegiate career, and finished his last semester on the Principal’s Honor Roll with a 4.0 GPA. Jonathan attended Georgia State University on a baseball scholarship. Throughout his baseball career, he earned accolades such as CAA Rookie of the Week, CAA Player of the Week, and most recently College Sports Madness Conference Player of the Week just last February. Since finishing his baseball career, he has dedicated his time to the fitness industry. As well as his national fitness training certification, Jonathan also recieved certifcation CPR/ AED and first aid from the American Red Cross.

Jonathan’s biggest accomplishment thus far in the fitness industry took place in September 2012. He competed in the Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete Challenge in Las Vegas, a highly regarded event highlighting the best all around athletes in the world, and came in 4th place overall. He brings to the table knowledge in muscle leaning and toning, weight loss management, and also muscle growth training techniques. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys playing pickup games of basketball, slow pitch softball, running, wakeboarding, and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Welcome to the team Jonathan!  We are estatic to have his talent, knowledge, motivation and dedication on board!