As one of Atlanta’s top personal trainers at Brad Kolowich Jr’s Personal Training Studio we frequently are asked by clients, “How to I get flat Abs?” Getting flat abs has a little to do with performing abdominal exercises yet obtaining flat abs also involves implementing these other key factors into your daily routines. Below are six quick rules to help you acquire that flat midsection of your dreams.

Flat Ab Rules
1. Try something new–our abs are just like any other muscle. You need to vary training exercises, reps and sets to continue to see progress.
2. Do Not Procrastinate–take a moment to think about not only how you train your abs, but when you train them. If you have always trained them after a weight or cardio workout, while that’s not wrong, at the end of the workout you may be short on time, energy and strength. If you feel that may be your struggle, try adding them in at the beginning of your workout.
The exception–if you are new to exercise or have a weak core, wait until the end of your workout. Otherwise, those muscles may be too fatigued to keep your body in proper form during other exercise.
3. Be stingy with the reps–just like other muscle groups, abdominals need to be strength trained. Try adding some weights and decrease your repetitions. Also, like other muscle groups, you should rest your abs for 48 hours between training sessions to allow for full recovery before training them again.
4. Find stability–abdominals need not to only be trained for mobility by doing crunches and sit-up variations, but also for stability with exercises like the plank.
5. Eat wisely–working out your abs alone will not give you the flat abs you are seeking. You must follow other healthy lifestyle habits such as eat carbs early, choose your fats wisely (no-to-low saturated fats are best), add less salt to food. As a personal trainer and nutritionist in Atlanta I often hear clients say, “I hear it is 80% what you eat and 20% what you do in the gym”. I am not sure where this misconception began but, it is 100% what you eat and 100% what you do in the gym!!!! Without complete dedication to both your workouts and diet you will never reach your full potential!
6. Get some “vitamin I”–add “intensity” to your workouts. Try decreasing rest time between sets, add burst of sprints to your cardio sessions, supersets to your lifting program, etc. All these strategies will help you put your body into that fat burning mode and help to shed some weight off your midsection.

Our moto in this gym, in order to reach the goals you wish to achieve, roots from the biblical story of Nehemiah and the work he committed to in building a wall. In Nehemiah 6:3 he says, “I am doing a great work and cannot come down.” Building the abs of your dreams must take the commitment Nehemiah did to the wall. You must climb your wall and not come down until the good work is done. So pick a rule one day at a time and climb that wall and don’t stop until your work is done. Just keep going until you’ve achieved your best!

*****IF you struggle or want to learn how to better incorporate these rules into your workout habits and lifestyle, join us for Ab-Attack on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6:30. Atlanta’s top personal trainer and fitness model, Brad Kolowich Jr. models and teaches these habits each session!

Written by,
Mandy Malool

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