Top Atlanta Personal Trainer
Allie Lindeman
May 2015

We’d like to introduce you to the May 2015 Live Life Fit client of the month, Allie Lindeman! Allie, 28, has been training with top Atlanta personal trainer, Madeleine Conti, at Brad Kolowich Jr. Fitness Studio since December of 2014. Over the course of five months, Allie has developed a perfectly balanced physique, while also profoundly improving her cardiovascular and muscular endurance and strength. In addition to her physical development, she has grown to love exercise! She has yet to be unenthusiastic about her workouts – even when she’s performing weighted burpees and pushing the sled with 150+ pounds added.

This enthusiasm to dedicate every waking moment to improving her health and fitness didn’t appear out of thin air – Allie is walking down the aisle on May 24th! For the past month, she has been meticulously following her nutrition plan in order to achieve optimal results by the time her wedding day arrives. Allie also arrives 30 minutes prior to her training sessions to run sprints, and often times gathers up some other ladies at work to do a quick arm workout on their lunch break! Allie is the epitome of determination and consistency, and we’re thrilled to see her hard work has paid off at Brad Kolowich Jr. Fitness Studio!