What is the best thing to eat post-workout to support fat loss and muscle growth?

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Research suggests that he right combination of amino acids, quickly digested proteins, and quickly digested carbs can improve performance, stimulate better recovery, reduce muscle soreness, improve immune function, increase protein synthesis and reduce fat mass (International Sports Sciences Association). What you consume post workout is highly dependent on the individual‘s body type, the duration and intensity of the workout, and individual goals. At Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training studio our trainers provide clients with the most up to date information, education and motivation to keep them continuing to see results time after time. We have our very own in-house protein shakes and protein bars that are filled with all the essential macronutrients you need to replenish your systems after a tough workout. This week we are featuring two protein shakes the Blueberry Dream and Chocolate Raspberry Delight. We also have a variety of protein bars that are made with top of the line ingredients such as gluten free oats, a blend of whey proteins and brown rice protein, and healthy fats making them a great post-workout snack. New to the flavor stash this week is the Red Velvet Cake protein bar. If protein shakes or bars just aren’t your thing…no worries, one of Brad’s top personal trainers will help you pick the best options nutritionally for you!