timing is everything--brad kolowich jr persoanl training trainer atlantaTiming is everything!

When it comes to health and fitness, timing is everything. That is exactly what inspired the creation of Brad Kolowich Jr’s trademark double orange dot at the start of his business logo. The double dots resemble the dots on a standard digital clock. Brad says, “Everything we do is calculated to the T–from our workouts to nutrition to supplementation to recovery time.”

When trying to reach your fitness goals, one of the most important times of the days are the 2-3 hours that encompass the start and end of your workout. Brad Kolowich Jr and his team of personal trainers try to help educate and support our clients on what supplements to take to best support your body before, during and after your workouts to aid in performance and recovery. Here is a sample supplement timing guide to help make the most of your workout (suggestions vary client to client, based of his/her individual goals).

The focus of pre-workout nutrition should be on sustaining energy, increasing performance, and supporting the body to reach his/her physique goals. Take these supplements about 30-45 minutes prior to your workout.
Creatine–increases the body’s supply of ATP (energy production). Creatine increases strength and muscle gain when used in conjunction with an exercise program.
Caffeine–improves endurance, reduces muscle pain, and help mobilize fat stores. It may even help to motivate you to workout for a longer period of time.

During Workout
Hydration is critical! Water is best, but you may choose to sip on workout drinks that provide energy and replenish electrolytes, depending on the intensity and duration of your exercise.
Electrolyte drinks–rehydrate and replenish minerals lost during sweating. For long duration events, you may supplement with a drink that provides carbs for energy.
Energy drinks–ideal for extended periods of exercise to boost endurance.
L-Carnosine–helps reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles, enhance muscle contraction and promote muscle recovery.

Post Workout
Post-workout nutrition is the key to timely recovery and repair. The majority of your muscle strength and building happens after the workout! A liquid meal immediately following your workout is the quickest way to replenish and rehydrate the body. Consuming a liquid meal no more than 30-45 minutes post workout will stop the body from going into a catabolic state and ensure you have protein available for the continued protein breakdown occurring.
Protein–is necessary to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and reduce protein breakdown. Whey protein is quickly absorbed and is easy to digest post-workout. It provides the body will all the essential amino acids necessary for muscle recovery. A post-workout shake with a mix of whey, casein and carbs is our favorite way to end a workout.
Glutamine–reduces muscle soreness and speeds up recovery while also supporting the immune system.

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adapted from Amazing Wellness

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Client of the Month
Behrooz Pavarandeh

July 2013

atlanta personalt trainer

Behrooz began working with top Atlanta Personal Trainer, Andy Keller, in December of 2012. Behrooz’s primary goals are fat loss and increased strength/cardiovascular endurance. Like many of us, Behrooz’s works an extremely intense work schedule, lives a social lifestyle and battles with a sensitive stomach due to in-tolerances to certain foods. Each of these factors can make it challenging for anyone to stick to a regular workout regimen and consistent balanced dietary intake. However, Behrooz was determined to not let any limiting factors keep him from reaching his fitness goals. He makes reaching his goals a priority! Behrooz maintains a strict workout routine, getting in five sessions a week with Andy. He also met bi-weekly (now monthly) with Mandy for nutritional guidance and support. Through his adherence to his workouts and nutritional suggestions, Behrooz lost 8.5 lbs in one month, while also gaining lean muscle mass. He also lost 2.25 inches in his waist and gained muscle in his arms and calves. In addition to reaching his weight loss goals, Behrooz continues to gain strength in the weight room and has improved his finish time in the completion of several 5k’s. He most recently joined in the longtime Atlanta 4th of July tradition and ran the Peachtree Road Race. Congratulations Behrooz and thank you for your determination and motivation to reaching your fitness goals!