Each week, Brad and I each enjoy our very own 5-Day meal plan from Fit Chow Atlanta. We thought it may be helpful for you to see how each of us incorporate these very foods into our daily dietary intake. The most challenging part has been deciding which entrée to dive into first!

As you can see this is A LOT of food, but as you know, you should be eating small frequent meals throughout the day in order to optimize your metabolism, stabilize blood sugar and help ward-off unwanted late night binges on foods that won’t help you reach your fitness goals. Here is what a day of eating looks like for me (Mandy) and Brad, using the 6oz and the 8oz meat and vegetable portions provided by Fit Chow Atlanta.

Daily Meal Schedule (Mandy):

Breakfast– 4oz meat, 1 small fruit

Snack 1– 2oz meat

Lunch– 4oz meat, 4oz veggies

Snack 2– protein shake

Dinner– 4oz meat, 4oz veggies

Bedtime Snack– Frozen Greek Yogurt Dessert


Daily Meal Schedule (Brad):

Breakfast– 3 whole eggs, protein shake + fruit + veggies

Snack 1– protein shake

Lunch– 6oz meat, 4oz veggies

Snack 2– protein shake

Dinner– 8oz meat, 4oz veggies

Bedtime Snack– Frozen Greek Yogurt Dessert

To view the menu and order your Fit Chow, go to

Live Life Fit

Client of the Month

Nicole Hogan

Atlanta Personal trainer

 December 2013

Nicole Hogan, 27, a Pediatric Nurse at Children’s Healthcare and operation room nurse for Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialist, from Chamblee, Georgia joined Brad Kolowich Jr.’s AB Attack Class late last spring. From that class on, she was hooked and began training weekly with Atlanta personal trainer Jonathan Kolowich in order to prepare for her October 2013 wedding. Nicole is a very goal driven girl! She is motivated by setting personal goals with an end date in which she works to reach the goal. She reached her most lean physique for her wedding. After saying “I do”, she wanted to get another date on the calendar to keep her fitness pursuit propelling forward. In March of 2014, Nicole will compete in her first ever NPC bikini competition. Since beginning training, Nicole has not only transformed her physique by adding lean muscle and reducing her body fat, but she has also more than doubled her strength. She currently holds four records at the Brad Kolowich Jr Fitness Studio (her goal was to get on the board before January 2014 was over). Nicole holds the record for women in push-ups, dips, dead lifts, and the 95lbs squats. She is working to add her name to the pull-up record as well! Through the holidays AND working two jobs, Nicole didn’t skip a workout—even if that meant waking at 4:30 am OR getting to the gym at 8:00pm after a 13-hour shift at the hospital! Nothing makes us more excited and proud than to see a client truly committed to reaching his/her goals. Thanks Nicole for being a positive inspiration to us and many others through your dedication to bettering your health and fitness!