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Client of the Month

Jamie Harrison

August 2013

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A little over a year ago, Brad Kolowich Jr personal training studio began a new tradition to help encourage, motivate and reward client adherence to reaching their fitness goals. Each month, as a team, our personal trainers review client progress, motivation, determination, commitment in order to pick the Client of the Month. As Brad says, “This is not Kindergarten. The person who receives this status has truly earned it and it can be achieved multiple times.” In July 2012, Jamie Harrison became our first ever client of the month. That summer he lost almost 30 pounds. Jamie attends the University of Georgia and throughout the course of his school year he kept in touch with Brad and maintained a strict workout schedule and followed a diet designed for leaning out. This month, August 2013 he becomes the first client ever to receive this status twice! When he returned home from school in June of 2013, Jamie has lost an additional 8 pounds. Beginning in June he worked with Brad on yet another new leaning out lifting program and low-carb/high-protein diet with one high-carb day. In just eight weeks Jamie lost another 32 pounds, while gaining strength and maintaining lean muscle mass. In just one short year, Jamie’s total weight loss was almost 70 pounds. Since beginning training with Brad in 2012 he has lost a total of 11.5 inches in his waist!! Jamie, thank you for your commitment and motivation towards reaching your fitness goals! You are a true inspiration to others and example of what anyone can achieve with determination and trust in the programs designed to help you reach your goals!

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At Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio, it is our mission to help inspire, support, educate and motivate our clients to reach their fitness and health goals. Due to his incredible talent and commitment to this mission, Brad Kolowich Jr has been one of 50 nation wide fitness experts picked to be a sponsor/influencer for Clif Bar. This summer, Brad, his team of personal trainers and his clientele will be receiving samples of Clif Builder’s Protein Bars and branded gear to share with friends, family and colleagues. Congrats Brad on your recognition as an influential person in the health and fitness industry and we all look forward to “feasting” off of your success!

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