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Want a flat stomach?  Miss that perfect fit in your favorite pair of skinny jeans?  Tired of that dreaded “turn” in the fitting room?  Are you ready to put the sigh’s behind and achieve that sexy, athletic, head spinning look you deserve?  Hire Brad and a nationally accredited certified personal trainer from his Atlanta studio and allow them to design you a fitness program showing you the step by step path to achieving the hot body that you’ve always dreamed of.


Tone your Body Tip!

“Although you can lose weight on few daily meals, when working towards a toned physique, meal frequency plays a part.  When in a caloric deficit, meal frequency will allow you to better sustain lean muscle tissue while maximizing actual fat loss. Best bet, keep your small meals frequent at 2-3 hour
intervals and you’ll begin to develop that sexy body you’ve been shooting for.”

– Brad, Atlanta personal trainer & fitness nutrition specialist, ACE

“One of the biggest misconceptions out there is that if we lift too heavy, we’ll get big and bulky?  The truth is, this is not the case!  In fact, lifting heavy at times will allow you to achieve the toned sexy look that you’re looking for at a much quicker rate then had you go solely the light weight lifting route.  Building and maintaining lean muscle (and not looking bulky, promise!) will help you to shed the unwanted body fat all the while holding onto your desired lady curves.”

– Brad, Atlanta personal trainer & fitness nutrition specialist, ACE

More tips coming your way.  Be sure to check back for updates.