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Atlanta Personal Trainer | Core Shaping

Abs - Brad Kolowich Jr. Fitness personal trainer AtlantaAB Attack, our version of a core shaping and training class, is held every Saturday morning at the Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio in Atlanta.  The class is 30 minutes long, calculated to the second, and is GUARANTEED to make you sweat! Known for his amazing abs, Atlanta personal trainer Brad Kolowich Jr. designs this class every week with the mindset of targeting the core from multiple different angles.  While keeping the class intense and the calorie burn high, Brad maximizes your core and midsection development, helping to reveal your strong flat stomach!

The class is designed for beginners through advanced. We have seen many first time fitness goers in this class as well as some of the strongest and best cores. Don’t let your fitness level, one way or the other, keep you back from joining!

Classes are $15 per session and will be worth your every minute , GUARANTEED!

Contact us today!

Atlanta personal trainer Brad looks forward to seeing you in Ab Attack!