Atlanta Personal Training Clients

Woman - Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Trainers Atlanta

What clients have to say about Brad and his Atlanta personal training team:


“I’ve been working out with Brad for over a year now and I am pleasantly surprised because my whole life I have been training for football. Now that I’m retired I can still stay fit without training for a grueling season. My wife and I work out 3 to 4 days a week and each time he pushes us to the limit for an hour. I love the facility because it’s not overwhelming and allows me to stay focused. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgable on fitness and nutrition which helps us reach our goal. I would pick this gym over a commercial gym any day!”

Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver/ 2x Super Bowl Champ/ Super Bowl MVP/ 4-Time Pro Bowler/ “Dancing With The Stars” Season 12 Winner/ NBC Analyst, 40


“I have been working with Brad now for a couple years.  He has provided a consistent whole body workout with high intensity and efficiency throughout our hour session.  Be ready to sweat!  Brad has worked with me through injuries obtained in tennis.  He makes working out fun while providing great enthusiasm.  I recommend him to anyone for a solid balanced complete workout program.  You won’t be disappointed.  I have referred friends to him that are equally pleased with the results and the practical approach that Brad provides.”

Dr. Robert C., Plastic Surgeon, 53


“It’s been amazing working with Brad while filming in Atlanta. I have been very pleased with my results!”

Tim Kang, Actor best known for roles in The Mentalist, Rambo, The Forgotten, Two Weeks Notice, 42


“Brad really got me focused by developing a plan for me as I prepared to head out for my world tour.  He stayed on me about everything from my form, attitude, eating habits, and kept me motivated to work harder than I would have on my own.  Most importantly, he showed me what works best for the quickest results and showed me how to take his plan on the road so that I could continue to get better and better results.  Thanks Brad!”

Tim Smith, Real Life ROCKSTAR, Sheryl Crow’s former guitarist now on World Tour with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, 50


“I have trained with quite a few excellent trainers, but no one compares to Brad Kolowich Jr. Brad started training me approximately 7 years ago, (still going strong) and it was finally the first time I had outstanding results-30 pounds and many inches lost just in 3 months, not to mention amazing increase in my endurance and never feeling healthier,
Brad not only trained me physically, but mentally as well, by constantly teaching, explaining and monitoring my nutrition.
Due to conflicts in my schedule, when I could not train with Brad, I had the opportunity to train with each of the trainers, Mandy, Jonathan and Andy at Brad Kolowich Jr. Studio. Their collaboration with Brad’s techniques, outstanding training, motivation, nutritional knowledge continued to teach me to live out the Brad Kolowich Jr. motto “Live Life Fit”!
If you are looking for the “best of the best trainers” with an incredible workout studio, it is the Brad Kolowich Jr. Studio.”

Suzanne M., Wife and Mother, 61


“I have been training with Jonathan at Brad Kolowich Jr. for going on two years and could not be happier with my results! This is the most positive, encouraging group of people I could ever imagine surrounding myself with. Working out with them is not a chore or something you dread sitting in traffic to get to. Rather, it’s a pain you look forward to enduring because you know each time you come in, you are going to get insane results- physically and mentally. As with any training plan, it is important to point out that a huge portion of the results you’re going to see comes from what you do outside of the gym- aka diet and any additional workouts they give you. Eating clean is crucial to seeing results anywhere- but at Brad Kolowich Jr., they’ve got the will and resources to help you learn how to eat in order to reach your goals. One of the best resources is their FitChow program, which consists of pre-made meals that you pick up every Monday at the studio. This takes a lot of work out of seeing results, not to mention it tastes delicious. I am a nurse, working long 12 hour shifts, and fitchow has been a lifesaver for me. There’s nothing better than opening a delicious chicken Parm, taco salad, or delicious meatballs, and popping them in the microwave, when you’ve only got 15 minutes to eat.

Long story short, these people are amazing. If you want to get healthy and look your absolute best, go see them.”

Rachel M., Nurse, 26


“Brad and Mandy (and the rest of the team!) are excellent personal trainers. They are encouraging but firm and always keep you accountable. Highly recommended.”

– Abbie R, Attorney, 28


“This gym is the best. Honestly. The trainers here are extremely well trained (not just “certified”). It is small but not at all crowded and the equipment is always available for your set.  I used to hate going to the gym. I’d always feel like it was an internal struggle to convince myself it was worth going. Now I happily go way more often and the results are obvious.

All shapes, ages, sizes, etc. there is a place for you here as long as you bring the effort.”

– Chad A., IT Systems & Data Analytics


“As a fitness instructor and overall workout nerd, I’ve trained with lots of different professionals over the years. None have been as effective, motivating, friendly, and inspiring as Adam at Brad’s studio. He challenges me every week and I’m seeing the results. The facilities are great, and so are the rest of the folks who work there. Even though I get my butt kicked every time, I always look forward to my sessions. Thanks, Brad and team, for all that you do!”

Christy F., Spin Instructor/Journalist, 42


“If you are looking for personalized, intelligent and heartfelt training to get (and keep) you in shape, I highly recommend Brad Kolowich Jr and his team. I’ve been training with Brad for the past year. Every time I walk in the gym, I am grateful for the opportunity (even though they kick my butt!). What are you waiting for?”

Dr. Starla F., Surgeon, 60


“I highly recommend Brad and any of his staff. I’ve worked with Brad for four years and not only does he know how to build muscle and trim the body, he knows how to treat people. Love this guy and his business.”

Buck D., Owner Buck Davis & Company, 46


“Brad Kolowich Jr, Mandy Kolowich and the entire team are knowledgeable and inspirational professionals.  They meet you where you are and build programs to suit you as an individual. It has been a pleasure working with this quality team and business!”

– Nikki A., Medical Sales, 42


“My experience with Brad Kolowich Fitness has been absolutely first class. Every single one of your trainers greets me as I walk into the gym, and I can tell how much each and every one of you enjoy what yall do. I’ve had many many trainers in the past. I bounced around from 3-4 during college and even had one for a short period in Atlanta before finding your gym. What I’ve noticed from the majority of trainers I’ve had is that they don’t have any variety in their programs, which quickly made me burn out and become uninterested. That is absolutely not the case with your gym. Craig always has an awesome blend of workouts and a variety of exercises that keeps my body guessing and my mind engaged each and every day. You can truly tell that each of your trainers loves what they do, because they are 100% focused on their client during their entire workout, which is truly unique for a gym. My experience thus far has been amazing, and I’ve continued to recommend Brad Kolowich Fitness to all of my friends.

As for Craig. He has been the best trainer’s I’ve ever had. As I mentioned, I’ve had multiple trainers in the past but none have been like him. He has a passion for what he does, which shows in every one of my workouts as he approaches every day with enthusiasm, which motivates me to work harder. My main problem has always been outside the gym, but he has changed that for me. He’s always asking me about my diet and has taken time out of his personal life to write up multiple eating plans for me to follow. His workouts are never the same and have always pushed me to my limits. I look forward to continue working with him for a long, long time.”

Benjamin S., Real Estate Analyst, 25


“I started working out with Brad and his team years ago and can’t say enough nice things about this crew. I’ve since been working out with Mandy for the past few years and am always excited to kick off my day with her. The positivity of this team and their individualized plans really help you stay on top of your fitness goals. Highly recommended!”

Laurie F., Web Design, 40


Six-pack in a week…nope….six months…nope….I’m doing it the right way guys, and I’ve got the Brad Kolowich team behind me. I feel so lucky to be able to have a Adam as my trainer, and I wish I could afford more than once a week. The whole team is so committed to making you your healthiest, your best, and so strong. I’ve been going almost a year, and I’m so proud of my muscles. They were hard earned. I wish everyone could have this experience. This team is ready to deliver catered support to your needs, levels. If you’re a beginner, come on over. If you’re an athlete, celebrities need not be named, come on over. So positive, so welcoming. Sometimes they have a group series too that you can use to supplement your one on ones. When you’re ready to make the commitment, they’re ready for you.

– Margaret H., Fitness Instructor, 37


“I could never thank Jonathan enough for everything he has done for me so far. Since starting my training with him a few months ago, he has given me a confidence in myself and pushes me every session to do better. The entire staff is simply amazing and will always take the time to talk with you about nutrition, goals, and concerns you are having no matter what. I feel so lucky to have called Brad that afternoon and spent the time talking with him. I really should be thanking Brad for putting Jonathan and I together. If you are looking for a serious training group that will help you see results and help you obtain your goals, call them! Thank you Jonathan for simply being the BEST!!!

Debbie B., Interior Designer, 33


“I began working with Brad 3 months before my wedding and he had me EXACTLY where I wanted to be for my big day! I ordered my dress too small with a goal of it fitting wedding day, AND IT DID! Brad is very positive and encouraging and always available to answer any questions and give suggestions. He also made working out fun and always had new exercises for me to try.”

Molly S., Attorney, 27


“I started training w/ Mandy a couple of months ago and I absolutely love her. She pushes me to the max and is my biggest cheerleader! If I ever have any questions regarding nutrition or any concerns at all, she is always very thorough and prompt in getting back with me. Every trainer there always acknowledges me when I come in for my session, which makes the experience that much more personal. I would recommend this gym to anyone in the Atlanta area!”

Lauren M., Wife and Mother, 32


“Brad’s experience and professionalism is second to none! Whatever your fitness goals may be, Brad and his team can put together a structured plan to help you achieve them. I’ve been a client for over a year and can’t speak more highly of my experience training with Brad. The proof is in the results and I strong recommend Brad to anyone who’s serious about reaching their fitness/health/wellness goals.”

Mike M., President Crisp Video Group, Founder ATL Nightlife, Owner Reboot Music, VP Fit Radio, 28


“This is my first ever online review but my transformation since joining Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training have been so remarkable that I couldn’t help not to share my excitement about this studio. I am a 37 year old busy professional and over the past ten years I’ve tried countless fad diets and fad exercise programs with little to no results. However, after five short months of teaming with Sean in January 2015, I’ve lost a net 13 pounds and a total of 26 inches across my body. Sean promised me lean muscle and that’s what I got…I’m actually excited about slipping on my skinny jeans now! My results go beyond weight loss – I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve ever felt before. I am a runner and my average pace has decreased by 15% since my training at Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training! Sean  makes every workout challenging but fun! He is extremely attentive throughout every second of my 60 minute workouts, all the while making sure I am familiar with which muscle I am working and pushing my body to limits I never knew I had! And his training doesn’t stop in the studio…he even dedicates time “off hours” to monitor my diet through My Fitness Pal and to provide me with fun HIIT workouts to do at home on my own time. All the trainers at Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training create a welcoming and inspiring environment to help all their clients Live Life Fit! My only regret is not joining Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training sooner!”

August H., Partner at Ernst & Young, 37


“Brad has exceeded my expectations for a personal trainer. He is a motivated professional who has assisted me in reaching my fitness goals. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting or staying healthy.”

Dr. Jonathan L., E.N.T. Surgeon, 36


“My name is CJ Sonnhalter and I have been training with Jonathan for just over one year now. At first I have to admit I was a little skeptical about hiring a trainer and paying to go to a gym. Jonathan is much more than a trainer. Having found out that Jonathan is also a Type I Diabetic, like myself, it made sense to at least give it a try. It is the best decision I have made in the last year. Jonathan is a friend. He is a knowledgeable trainer. He makes going to the gym more of a “fun day” than a redundant chore. I actually look forward to going to the gym know because of how positive Jonathan has been on my life and my struggle with Diabetes. We talk about the latest medicine, the pump, our blood sugars, and what we each do in our own lives to better our conditions. It’s great to have someone to collaborate with that is NOT a doctor who “knows it all.” I see myself doing personal training sessions for a long time. I have nothing but excellent things to say about Brad Kolowich Jr gym and all its truly fantastic and genuinely caring peeps. It truly is a special and unique place.”

CJ S., Talent Management, 34


“I am very happy with the gym and with results. I feel so much healthier and stronger than I did 5 months ago. I was looking for a place where I would get the most benefit for the time invested, and I found it!

Craig is great – knowledgeable, always positive and creative and makes the hour go by really quickly.

I highly recommend Brad and his team.”

Stephanie A., Attorney, 39


“I began training with Brad about four months ago, and I can easily say that it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. As a thin male, gaining muscle mass has always been a challenge for me. Brad has proven to be an incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging personal trainer! In the time I have been working with him, Brad has helped me gain about 15 pounds of lean muscle mass, while lowering my fat percentage to 7%!! Brad’s positive attitude and radiating passion has created an environment that has allowed me to push myself harder than I though was possible. I can never thank him enough for giving me the tools to challenge my genetics!

Chase T., Professional Actor, Singer and Dancer, 22


I have been training with Jonathan Kolowich for the last five months. Not only has he whipped me in shape, but he has changed my lifestyle. I went from low energy, to high energy with an active lifestyle. I have lost over 4 inches in my legs, and have surpassed all of my goals I set for myself. Johnny is great with beginners, and has increased my knowledge of the gym tremendously. He is a great motivator, and has provided meal/workout plans weekly. I recommend Johnny and his colleagues to anyone looking to train in a fun, results driven atmosphere.

Lacie T., Coca-Cola, 26


“I started training at the Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio with Jonathan in the spring of 2013 to get ready for my October wedding. After only a few weeks I started noticing changes in my body and how I felt. Jonathan pushes me to the max every session and always keeps workouts interesting and challenging. I went from going to the gym on my own maybe a few times a month to wanting to workout 6 days a week! I’ve discovered a passion I never knew existed. Jonathan and the staff are always more than willing to answer my questions, give me advice on nutrition and workouts, and they keep me motivated. They are like my fitness family!”

Nicole H., NPC Bikini Fitness Competitor, 27


“I’m in the best shape ever thanks to Brad! I have my own personalized program that he changes up so it never gets boring. You never know what’s coming next. Brad gives guidance on nutrition, training and what to do outside of the gym. It’s a fun atmosphere with a great group of trainers that truly care. Brad and his team are as good as it gets! And when your workout is over try one of Mandy’s homemade shakes!”

Nick T., Co-Owner Edwards-Pitman Environmental Inc, 50


“Brad is an amazing personal trainer and has far surpassed my expectations! I have trained before with others, but he brings fitness and nutritional expertise coupled with contagious enthusiasm like no other! Before beginning with Brad, I had hit the dreaded plateau in muscle toning and endurance training. I had resolved to think that my body had reached its highest potential. However, when Brad came on board, he brought me to a whole new level! As I meet with him every week, he is constantly changing my fitness routine to “shock” my body and push me to the max. I was in pretty good shape before, but Brad has guided me to lower my body fat by 5%, losing inches in my waist, hips, and thighs, all while gaining lean muscle mass! His muscle sculpting skills are so precise that he has toned and shaped muscles I never knew existed. He has also proven that he’s a knowledgeable and readily available nutritional coach, the catalyst for changing my diet to include lots of whole foods and lean protein. Brad is the best personal trainer around, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to train with him!”

Kimberly L., Wife and Mother of 2 Boys, 33


“I recommend Brad and his team as they are true professionals and outstanding trainers. I am into my third year training with Brad and I am very pleased with my results. It’s a way of life for me going forward.”

Dr. Charles R., Minister Transformational Leadership, 56


“After getting married, I wanted to get in to better shape in preparation for my honeymoon in Hawaii. I had worked out with Brad in the past, and knew he would help me reach my goals. He had me work with Mandy, and in 4 weeks, I had already lost nearly an inch all around. Mandy was able to get me on a food and fitness plan that was easy to follow and sustainable. She and Brad care so much about my success, which is so important. I would recommend Brad Kolowich Personal Training to anyone who is looking for new ways to approach fitness and a healthy lifestyle.”

Cara R., Event Coordinator, 30


“I have been a client of Brad Kolowich Jr. since 2009, and have been very pleased with my results and the professionalism of my trainer. He helped me find a system of fitness and nutrition that suited me best. My health and the goals for my fitness is always in the best interest of my trainer. That is why he and his staff are always updating their knowledge for nutrition and fitness so they can provide their clients the best results.”

Robert M., Owner REM Construction, 31


“I love training at your studio! My daughter has even started training with me. She has never enjoyed having a personal trainer and she truly enjoys our workouts with Sean. I really appreciate the friendly, motivating and clean environment you and your team has created. I also enjoy seeing some of the recipes you share on FB and Instagram! Helps me find new ideas in the kitchen, which has always been the hardest part for me. I tend to eat the same thing everyday, then I get bored with my nutrition and decide to have a cheat weekend.  I have trained with several trainers at a couple different training studios in Arizona and hands down your facility is the best I have experienced!”

Julia R., President Ragnar Unlimited Incorporated, 


“Amazing team, great people, encouraging and knowledgeable.
The BEST in Atlanta and delivered results all the way to this Florida Bride. This is the real deal training facility. Thanks Brad & Mandy!”

Jen B., Advertising, 25


“I am so glad that I found Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training. This is THE BEST group in Atlanta. I started training with Mandy just a few months ago in August 2014 and I have had terrific results. I turned 30 in October 2014 and celebrated in a big way. I had so many of my family and friends comment on my weight loss and fitness. I was worried about turning 30 but I am in the best shape of my life! Mandy is so knowledgeable about fitness AND nutrition, which is what makes their team so amazing. She always pushes me during every workout but I never feel intimidated. The routines are always different so I never get bored and the workouts are always personalized for me.  Once you meet Mandy and Brad you will definitely be impressed as well. They are both beautiful people on the inside and out. Their fitness physique is an inspiration!”

Dr. Michelle A., Medical Doctor, 30


“Brad’s approach to personal training contrasts itself distinctly from the typical “no pain – no gain commission oriented, meat head approach.” After years of traveling for work and a sedentary lifestyle, I found myself heading down the very path I promised myself I would never take. He taught me that I too can implement the physical and dietary discipline needed to reach the physical condition I desired and that it wasn’t about the equiment available on the road, the latest fad diet, or the best selling book. With Brad’s help, I changed my direction and changed my life.”

Matt M., Business Owner, 38


“I have been working out with Mandy since February 2013 and I am still seeing results every month! Even after twice a week sessions for the last year and a half, I am still sore after every visit. She is constantly changing up my workouts and helps me reach my goals (which we reassess and evaluate monthly) and holds me accountable, which I need. I look forward to seeing her twice a week as she is not only one hell of a motivator, but also just a great person to be around. Mandy also answers any nutrition and diet questions I may have and is constantly helping me find ways to eat healthy when I am traveling for work.”

Beth W., Consultant, 32


“Brad is the most positive, knowledgeable and effective personal trainer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Not only have I seen excellent results in my body and soul, my outlook on fitness and nutrition has changing dramatically. I am SO blessed to be able to work with the BEST personal trainer in Atlanta!!! Thanks Brad : ) ”

Whitney A., Retail Manager, 28


“I’ve had tremendous results with Andy and Brad. I came in with high expectations as a former Div I runner and they’ve all been surpassed.

The atmosphere is welcoming, yet intense when necessary.

I’d highly recommend my training experience to anyone looking to get in shape, reach their fitness goals and enjoy working out.”

– Marc H., Entrepreneur, 38


“These guys (and gals ) are the best! As someone who couldn’t even do 1 push up correctly when I started (I know ) I was clearly not a fitness person. However I love going to the studio and working with Brad and the team there.  They always change things up and keep the workouts fun.”

– Karen G, Interior Design, 36


“I’ve been using Brad for two months now and not only is he an awesome person, but he is an amazing trainer. I have been seeing great results working with Brad. All you have to do is meet with him and you will see how dedicated he is to good heath and fitness.”

Chris H., Graphic Designer, 30


Abs - personal training in Atlanta “I started out my personal training sessions with Brad as a middle-aged man living a sedentary lifestyle and not really enjoying working out but realized that I had to do something to stay healthy. From the start, Brad was made aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and used them to maximize my personal training sessions. For each exercise, he would push me to the best of my abilities but never forced me to over-do them. Despite not liking the aches and pains that comes with the strenuous workouts, Brad has always made our personal training sessions enjoyable, and this has kept me going. He provides lots of positive encouragement and is very optimistic in knowing that I would do my best for each personal training session. Being taught all about nutrition as well as a variety of exercises using both machines and free weights, I can say that Brad has ingrained in me a healthy lifestyle that I have since adopted. I strongly recommend him as he is the best personal trainer in Atlanta.”

Adrian L., Epidemiologist, 46


“I’ve been a client for nearly two years, and I have nothing but positive comments about Brad and the rest of the team. For some of us fitness goals and motivation is not enough. Working out and becoming fit is challenging, if not frustrating at times. Eventually, everyone hits plateaus. That’s why I am a client. All of the trainers are extremely knowledgeable, not only about exercise techniques, but also about nutrition. Progress is constantly being monitored. Body measurements and strength gains are methodically watched. If you follow through with the meal plans, and exercise routines, then it’s inevitable that you will improve your relationship with the mirror. The studio has a great vibe, and it’s very empowering. You can always count on great jams playing in the background, or you can bring your own tunes. It looks and smells clean, and there’s the occasional whiff of great tasting food from Fit Chow, the in-house food service.”

Jordan M., Business Owner, 31


“Training with Brad has really changed my entire view of nutrition, exercise, and personal training…I was very fortunate to have found Brad…the accountability that Brad provides has helped keep me on track…he has lots of energy and is a great motivator…Brad’s always suggesting new ideas and information to help me avoid the dreaded plateau…I would recommend Brad to anyone who is serious about feeling and looking great. He is committed to making your fitness goals a reality. I can testify to that. I would say that Brad’s guidance is mental and physical rehab for those that want the most satisfaction from their health.”

Kristen K., Account Manager, 23


“It has been a pleasure working with Brad Kolowich Jr. Fitness and his team, including an amazing trainer Amanda Malool who’s helped me achieve my goals after going through two close pregnancies. They guided me through fitness, nutrition and a positive mind set to stick to my goals. I would definitely recommend this gym as a place for your fitness. This gym and its staff provides, professionalism, knowledge, and a place where you can feel comfortable at any stage of your fitness.”

Mariya R., Wife and Mother of 2 Boys, 32


“I can’t say enough good things about Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training. I started training with them in January, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I have seen amazing results over the past few months, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The trainers are SO incredibly supportive and genuinely care about each client, not just their own. Another aspect I love is that the intimidation factor of big mainstream gyms is nonexistent here; everyone, trainers and clients alike, is friendly, welcoming, and constantly encouraging you to achieve your goals. I can’t thank them enough for helping me turn my life around. I would recommend this training facility to anyone!”

Catherine G., Nurse, 26


“I’ve been working with Brad and Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training for a couple of years now and the good results show!  Brad takes the time to really get to know your body and designs personalized workouts around your desired end results, your likes/dislikes and any injuries, etc. that you may have.  He and his entire team are phenomenal.  I love the personal attention that I get – whether it be a call to check up on my progress, the willingness to adjust or reschedule sessions around my work schedule, or something simple like a friendly greeting at the door.  Highly recommended!”

– Suhail S., Attorney, 39


“Brad is the best – he’s helped me through my mid-life slump and got me moving with a new weight program that we change frequently.  I’ve lost 2 inches in my waist and added the same to my chest.  Feeling better at 54 than I did at 49.  Thanks Brad!”

Dr. Tom C., Medical Doctor, 54