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Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio Grand Opening

Atlanta, this is no April Fool’s Joke…the doors to the hottest new personal training studio have opened. On Sunday, April 1st we welcomed Brad Kolowich Jr Fitness Studio into the West Midtown neighborhood, Berkely Park. Brad and his team of trainers hosted a private Grand Opening celebration on Sunday afternoon. Family, friends, clients, prospective clients […]

Hangover Relief!

“Chances are you’ve all tried all the old wives’ tale sures for the hangover, inluding drinking more, but recent research from Korea suggests that asparagus may be the solution. Researchers from Jeju National University exposed human liver cells to asparagus extract and found that the vegetable more than doubled the activity of two key enzymes […]


“Muscle out the Fat”

“Here’s a simple biology lesson: The more muscle you build, the easier it is to lose bodyfat. After all, muscle is a highly metabolic tissue that requires a lot of fuel to maintain. The more fuel (calories) you burn, the less bodyfat you’ll have. New research shows just how muscle influences fat-burning. Researchers from the […]



“Researchers at Southwest Minnesota State University reported in the May 2009 issue of The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research that using elastic bands in addition to the weight may increase your one-rep max for your bench press. Here’s how you can try it for yourself: Tie each end of an elastic band around a […]

14 Foods That Will Change Your Life

Beans- reduce obesity Blueberries- lowers risk for cardiovascular disease Broccoli- lowers incidence of cateracts and fights birth defects Oats- reduces the risk of type II diabetes Oranges- prevents strokes Pumpkin- lowers the risk of various cancers Wild Salmon- lowers the risk of heart disease Soy- lowers cholesterol Spinach- decreases the chance of cardiovascular disease and […]

Chew Gum, Get Smart

“News Flash: Chewing sugar-free gum enhances standardized math test scores, at least in eighth graders. Although researchers from Baylor College of Medicine aren’t sure why, they theorized that chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain, and as a result reduces stress and improves alertness. So chew on my friends. Sugar-free gum can promote dental […]

Go Green, Go Lean

“A more fit humanity just may save us all. – We may have stumbled upon the ideal renewable energy source: you. While enormous investments by the U.S. government and private gazillionaires are planting wind farms and funding other climate saving projects, the rest of us can do our part just by getting in the gym […]

The Best Summer Burger

1 egg 1 lb lean ground beef 1/ cup oats 1/3 cup diced onion 1/2 cup chopped spinach 2 Tbsp reduced-fat chredded Mexican-blend cheese 4 whole-grain buns Salt and pepper to taste 1. In a large bowl, whisk the egg. Add everything else and mix-your hands are the best tool-until well blended. 2. Form the […]