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The Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio boasts many special features that sets it in a class of its own in the arena of fitness studios in Atlanta. As mentioned in Jezebel Magazine, one particularly unique quality at Brad’s personal training studio in Atlanta is the inclusion of Mandy’s :anyWhey Birthday Treats!

Baking and cooking has always been a hobby and passion of one of Brad’s top Atlanta personal trainers and fitness nutritionist’s Mandy Malool.  Mandy’s combined passion for baking, health, nutrition and fitness birthed her idea to create exclusive birthday treats for the clients of The Brad Kolowich Jr Personal Training Studio. :anyWhey treats are designed to satisfy the cravings of sweet treats, boost metabolism, as well as provide the body with the necessary fuel to aid in workout recovery. Mandy’s :anyWhey Birthday Treat’s at Brad Kolowich Jr. Personal Training Studio in Atlanta are just one more reason to look forward to your big day!