October Client of the Month

Jessica Spencer

October 2015

We’d like to introduce to you our October 2015 client of the month, Jessica Spencer. Jessica began her journey to better her health and fitness a little over a year ago.  She commutes from Covington three times a week for her hour workouts while also juggling a husband, four year old son, and is the owner of Tire South with locations in McDonough and Atlanta.

Despite Jessica’s already demanding schedule, she is one of the hardest working clients we’ve seen!  She always brings to the gym a fantastic attitude, a willingness to do whatever needs to be done, and a great sense of humor!  Jessica is always a pleasure to work with!  Jessica set a goal to achieve six pack abs before her 30th birthday.  On September 29th Jessica not only entered a new decade of her life in the best shape she’s ever been in, she carried with her a six pack!

Congrats Jessica on all your hard work and fitness accomplishments! Thanks for showing us that all dreams and goals are achievable!  You’re an inspiration to so many!

September Client of the Month

Kristie Wilson


September 2015

We’re ecstatic to introduce you to our September Client of the Month, Kristie Wilson! Kristie has been on a quest to improve her body composition since her first visit to our studio in April 2015. In just five short months, she has accomplished her original goal of 30 pounds lost, and has no plans of stopping there! Kristie and her fiancé Ryan (who is giving Kristie a run for her money with his impressive transformation as well) will be walking down the aisle in March 2016! Between now and then, Kristie plans on continuing to lose body fat, build muscle, and put an even greater focus on developing her metabolism.

We love seeing people learn how to live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle at such a young age, and are even more thrilled to see it work its magic on such a kind, hard-working, and all-around wonderful client! Kristie, your transformation is inspiring beyond words – you truly are an exemplary model of how to LiveLifeFit!

August Client of the Month

Marc Hodulich

August 2015

We’d like to introduce you to the August client of the month, Marc Hodulich. Marc, or “shredder”, came to us as a client almost 2 years ago with the desire to maintain a good physique and to put on some muscle. Over time he has worked hard and added some good size. Marc was a collegiate athlete at Auburn University, so he knows the meaning of hard work, dedication and having what it takes to achieve his goals. He has recently set a goal of getting in the best shape of his life and leaning out. He has shredded up all the while running a few businesses and spending time with his two boys, Chase and Dillon, and his wife Stacey. His commitment to the program, both diet and exercise, is incredible. He recently took the family out for pizza and he packed a protein shake because he knew pizza, although delicious, wasn’t part of the diet that day. We’re proud of you big guy. Keep up the hard work and keep grinding.

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July Client of the Month | Atlanta Personal Trainer

Josh Berman

July 2015 Client of the Month

Josh Berman, former Kona Iron Man Triathlete, has been a client of Brad’s since January of 2012. Brad and Josh have worked through a variety of different fitness goals throughout the course of their training including muscle gain, prep for various endurance events, and most recently body fat loss.  Months ago, Josh set a goal of a consistent 1 lb of weight loss per week.  Since then, Josh has not missed a beat as his body fat continues to drop consistently on a weekly basis.  In addition, Josh continues to give it his all in his one-on-one sessions and with that is seeing excellent muscular symmetry and development.  In addition to he and Brad’s one-on-one training sessions, Josh follows a consistent running schedule in prep for various events throughout the year.  Congrats Josh, our July 2015 Client of the Month!